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Hello to all our existing and future customers.
Jaroo Designs website has recently been up graded; we have added some new products such as earrings, and added new bracelet and necklace designs as well as offering you some great deals with our range of gift sets. The best thing about our upgrade is that now you can buy from us on-line with pay pal and all major credit cards. Please browse our unique and handmade quality Australian products.

Our handcrafted kangaroo leather products are a combination of traditional plaiting with modern accessories, such as silver, semi-precious stones and fresh water pearls.

Kangaroo skin has been used in Australia for years in products such as belts, boots and whips. Today the number of uses for this strong and workable skin has now risen and includes golf gloves, sports shoes, motorbike suits, all sorts of souvenirs and handcrafts. The Kangaroo leather used in these original hand plaited designs are all obtained from a tannery that uses only skins from a culling program introduced by the Australian government to control the over-growing population.

Jarek has a working experience in traditional Australian leather craft since 1992 and attended various plaiting competitions in Queensland. He has been able to master the technique of cutting the skins into lacing by hand. This technique minimizes waste and only the best part of the leather lacing is used.

When we are making and creating our products our main purpose is durability and strength, we want our product to last as long as possible, It’s a great feeling when people come back to us after some time still wearing one of our products and happy to purchase more. Our goal is to constantly look for new ideas and avenues of expressing our creativity while maintaining the traditional Australian way of plaiting.