Adjustable Tube Like Clasp Choker

Adjustable Tube Like Clasp Choker

Kangaroo Leather Chocker

This stainless steel tube like clasp allows you to adjust the length neatly within the clasp by changing positions of the button hole in the tube.

The clasp also doubles as the feature of the chocker.

Diameter of leather is 4mm and diameter of clasp is 5mm

This chocker has an approximately 20mm adjusting size, for example: the total length of the medium chocker is 45cm and it adjusts to 47cm.

Small 40cm adjusting to 42cm
Medium 45cm adjusting to 47cm
Large 50cm adjusting to 52cm
Xlarge 55cm adjusting to 57cm
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    NEC504 RED
    NEC500 BROWN
    NEC499 BLACK