Crocodile Ridge 14 Strand Belt with Brass Buckle

Crocodile Ridge 14 Strand Belt with Brass Buckle

Croc ridge plaiting 14 brass buckle
14 strands of kangaroo leather tightly plaited/woven into this extremely tough belt.

The croc ridge style of plaiting is unique and not many leather craft men or women can manipulate the strands so tightly and neat to maintain such a beautiful finish.

The belt was named crocodile ridge because of the two elevated strands in the middle of the belt that re-enforce the quality and durability.

When selecting your size, please select us your approximate waist size in cm.

If you wear your belt on your hips please be aware that your hips are wider than you waist and you possible need to add some more cm to your size.
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    BEL020 RED
    BEL018 BROWN
    BEL017 BLACK
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